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Guangdong HooEnjoy Culture Technology Co., Ltd.
400 tel:400-900-2513
address:G101, Luyi International Space Station, No. 15 Changping International Innovation Port, Mudu Village, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Mobile :13649885777 / Mr Fung
   13424261943 / Miss Wang

Hooenjoy Technology Group (International) Limited江西11选5走势图To make Founded in 1996, the current staff of more than 2,000 people, is a specialized in the field of cultural and technological hi-tech enterprises, focusing on automation equipment control software development, materials science research, equipment production, sales, application and brand promotion, with independent equipment Production base, technology research and development centers, training centers, exhibition halls and so on. Group is headquartered in Taiwan, China has a total of five production facilities, and in the United States San Francisco, Hong Kong, Dongguan and other cities are equipped with wholly-owned subsidiary.

Dongguan Hooenjoy Culture Technology Co.,LtdAs a business unit and assembly center for China's printing equipment division, it is committed to a comprehensive solution for high-end 3D digital universal printer, digital inkjet, UV color printing technology, and multi-media printing technology. Our products are widely used in consumer electronics, daily, publishing, toys, retail, finance, services and other industries, and customers around the world to provide low-cost high-return and high-quality services. Relying on the deep understanding of environmental protection, energy saving and safety, and rich experience in R & D, production, marketing, brand promotion and management, and actively carry out the development of equipment manufacturing, technology research and development to e-commerce, closely linked to the pulse of science and technology economy and network economy , To provide customers with authority, professional, convenient one-stop graphic art exchange service platform, to create cultural and technological services-oriented enterprises.

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